gradireland #FYI Careers Showcase 2016 for FIRST YEAR students






First year is flying by isn’t it? Well, believe it or not, the rest of your undergraduate years will only get faster, which is why NOW is the time to take a couple of hours one afternoon in April to think about your future career.

It might seem a long way off, but gaining the right employability skills, to make sure you get the job you want when you graduate, is really important. It’s also quite easy if you know where to start, and the starting point is gradireland #FYI, a brand new First Year Initiative supported by the careers service here in University College Dublin.

gradireland #FYI isn’t about deciding today what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. It’s one afternoon in the RDS that will give you an insight into what careers are out there for you across a huge range of sectors – and show you the skills you will need to be successful in whatever path you decide to follow. The event is fun and hands-on. No lectures, there will be cool video booths, skills challenges, advice, prizes and you will leave with a much better idea of the career paths that are out there for YOU, regardless of what you are studying.

To register for this free event go to or drop into the UCD Career Development Centre for further advice!

First Year is the new Final Year!


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