Relaxing during exam time

We know exam time can be a daunting and sometimes stressful period.  However here are 4 simple 5-minute exercises you can do at any time, to help you relax, stay calm and remain focused.  We have also included some useful resources for further relaxation exercises.

  1. Breathe deeply
    Sit comfortably with your back straight. Imagine a spot just underneath your naval. Close your eyes, focus on and breathe deeply into that spot.  Exhale slowly, counting to ten in your head. Do this repeatedly and you feel calm.


  1. Relax to music
    Listening to your favourite music with relaxation exercises is a great way to tune out. Find the music that lifts your spirits or soothes you.


  1. Stand up and stretch
    Your body accumulates tension in areas like the neck and lower back when sitting perusing over notes for long periods, which can lead to aches and pains. It is recommended you stretch every 45 minutes, in order to deter lasting tensions. Set a reminder to take a short break, whether it’s just a stretch or a brief walk outside. This simple act will increase circulation and promote relaxation.


  1. Visualise + Smile
    Have you ever noticed that when you think back to a recent vacation or a happy moment, you feel instantly relaxed? Visualising and smiling actually triggers the release of endorphins – natural stress relievers. So if you are feeling tense or a little worried, maybe try closing your eyes, thinking of your favourite place and smile 🙂



Switching off at night
Just recently we discovered a very powerful app which helps you tune out and get a good night’s sleep.  The app is called ‘Headspace’ and is available on Android and iOS.  Give your mind a ten minute workout and reap the rewards.

We have also discovered a list of freely available mindfulness exercises from Beaumont Hospital. Click here for even more relaxation and remember to keep smiling 🙂

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