Find out how to develop effective applications and how to prepare successfully for interviews and assessment centres.
  • Keep an eye on for:
    • Relevant Careers workshops and seminars and employer presentations
    • Jobs and Vacancies
  • Look at the Winning Job Applications section of our Career Zone self-study online module available via UCD Career Development Centre website
  • Take the ‘Profiling for Success’ psychometric tests available to you through links from Use the abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning tests to help you prepare for assessments which are part of the recruitment process for many graduate positions.
  • Google yourself!
    94% of recruiters use, or plan to use social media for recruiting. Most employers will, at the very least, search for your name in Google. Before applying for jobs: check everywhere they’ll find you on Social media – your ‘Digital Footprint’– you might be surprised what shows up!
    • Clean up your social media profiles
    • Use consistent messaging across all profiles
    • Create professional profiles e.g. LinkedIn
  • Make an appointment on with a Career & Skills Consultant at the UCD Career Development Centre for advice.

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