How can I improve my skills and impress employers?

Yes, you are here to get your degree but there is so much more to university life than just your degree. More and more employers are looking for well-rounded students who have engaged with the wonderful extra-curricular opportunities that college life has to offer. UCD offers so many opportunities to get involved and to develop yourself!

The UCD Career Development Centre understands the growing demand for skilled graduates and we have a number of projects to help you upskill and gain valuable life experience.


First years! Have you heard about the UCD Embark Award?

UCD Embark is a brand new award introduced this year to reward students for their development in co-curricular activities. What are these co-curricular activities I hear you say – well, the good news is, it can really be anything from involvement in Clubs and Societies, to being a class rep or writing articles for the UCD newspaper, to volunteering. UCD Embark encourages you to get involved in these activities which help develop the skills you will need when it comes to updating your all-important CV. Not to mention setting you apart when you are applying or interviewing for jobs. UCD Embark is not the only new award that has been introduced – be sure to check out the second award, UCD Advantage, to see which one best suits you..

If you would like to know more about UCD Embark, including some inspiration on the kinds of activities you can get involved in, check out our website:


Got an idea that could help improve UCD life?


UCD SPARC is a project that helps bring your bright ideas to life. Successful applications will receive €1000 spending money along with support from us in the Career Development Centre. Your idea can be anything that helps to make a positive change on campus. Check out the ideas that have already become a reality by looking at last year’s projects –


You must have a team of at least 3 people and the team must have both student and staff representation! Got a great idea but not sure where to find your teammates? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help you find the right team. To get in touch to discuss your own project or with any queries, email


Well there you have it… what are you waiting for? Get involved today and your future self will thank you for the great memories and their jam-packed, impressive CV!




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