Graduate Study: Research and Applications

Thinking about doing a postgraduate degree? Here’s what you need to know to improve your research and applications.


1.Know why you want to do a postgraduate degree.

Don’t just fall into a graduate programme because you don’t know what else to do.  Make sure that you are genuinely interested in the subject area that you are studying. Sometimes working in industry for a period prior to graduate study can really assist you in making a better choice.  Also, the company you are working for may be happy to cover the costs of your graduate study.


2. Research the programme and its alumni.

Ensure that you research the job profiles of graduates from the graduate programme you intend to study. Connect with them to get some advice on their experience. If you do not know of any alumni, the school/programme you are applying to may be able to suggest some or you could use LinkedIn to search for them.


3. Investigate the range of options available to you using websites such as GradIreland and Prospects.

Thorough research is critical before you invest a substantial amount of time and money into a graduate programme. And with the wealth of websites available such a GradIreland, Prospects and the websites of the relevant colleges/universities such as UCD Graduate Studies, doing some research couldn’t be easier.


4. Make your personal statement stand out from the crowd.

A good start is half the battle. When it comes to personal statements, bear in mind that the assessor could be reading multiple statements on the same day. Start with a strong opening line to ensure you catch their attention and keep your statement lively and positive. Your personal statement, or statement of purpose, is a great opportunity to convey a sense of who you are and your motivation for applying, so make the most of it.


Additionally, have a look at our further study advice on our website for more guidance. As always, we encourage you to make an appointment to come and see us here in the UCD Career Development Centre if you need any further assistance with your applications.

Best of Luck! 


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How do I choose the right career?


How do I choose the right career?

You can now find a massive amount of career information online – some great, and some not so great! We’re here, at the UCD Career Development Centre, to point you towards the best and most reliable resources to help you plan your career!

If you’re not sure what you want to do yet, that’s OK, but you can get started by identifying your skills and strengths, values, interests and what might suit your personality.

How? Let me introduce you to ‘Profiling for Success, a fantastic resource on the UCD Careers website which can be used to guide you. Log in using the following – Client code: tflhe, Access code: ucd, Password: ucd4 .

Profiling for Success contains 7 different assessments, also know as psychometric tests. Why do I need a psychometric test? Well maybe you’ve been asking yourself some of the questions below…


What motivates me?

Money? Flexible work hours? Opportunities to travel? The ‘Values Based Indicator of Motivation’ assessment will help you to identify those things that matter to you most. And in turn, you can look at careers that satisfy these motivations.


How can I find a career that matches my interests?

Ever heard the saying ‘The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life’? Finding a career that matches your personal interests would be a wonderful advantage and you can start by using the ‘Careers Interest Inventory’ to find out more.


What is my work style? What can I bring to an organisation?

Are you a natural organiser? An advisor? A leader? A negotiator? An investigator? You can find out by taking the ‘Type Dynamics Indicator’ assessment. Understanding your individual style will help you to refine your career focus.


What am I good at?

Do you find you work best with numbers or with words? Do you have an analytical, problem solving mind?  Take the ‘Reasoning Skills’ assessments to give you a better idea!


How do I learn most effectively?

Do you learn best from reading? Observing? On the job, hands-on, learning? Understanding your learning style can significantly improve your chances of success. So what are you waiting for? Take the ‘Learning Styles Indicator’ assessment asap!


Hopefully we’ve sparked your curiosity and more importantly, we hope ‘Profiling for Success‘ helps to guide you in right direction!

Have a great week!



Services for Graduates & Alumni


The Career Development Centre continues to support UCD graduates and alumni. For up to two years after your graduation, you’re welcome to make a one-to-one appointment with one of our Career & Skills Consultants. All UCD alumni are welcome to access our online resources and attend most careers events, including recruitment fairs and presentations.

If you are currently seeking employment or exploring career options you may find the following resources useful:

  • Register for an alumni account on our CareersConnect portal and use the ‘My Profile’ tab to update your profile and set up email alerts for relevant event updates and job alerts.  Log in regularly for details on:

    • Careers events and employer presentations and fairs

    • Jobs and Vacancies

  • See for access to a wide range of online resources free of charge to UCD alumni. These include the following and more:

    • Profiling for Success offers psychometric tests to help you understand more about your strengths and how these might shape your career and personal choices. There are personality, learning styles and career interests tests. You can also use the abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning tests to help you prepare for assessments which are part of the recruitment process for many graduate positions.

    • Vault is a comprehensive online career resource designed to help you look into potential careers, research top employers and find out about industry trends.

    • Going Global provides country-specific career and employment information, including worldwide internship and job postings and career resources.

    • 10 Minutes With….. provides insights from different professionals, asking them to explain their jobs and day-to-day activities in exactly 10 minutes, helping you to understand different roles and the skills required. It also gives you access to more than 200,000 jobs and internships worldwide.

    • Glassdoor gives you access to reviews on over 600,000 companies worldwide. Think of it as ‘TripAdvisor for jobs’. Vacancies and internships are also advertised on this site.

  • Find out about graduate study options in Ireland and abroad

  • Start building your network so you can access the hidden job market

  • Get your CV in shape and prepare to make high quality applications

  • Perfect your interview techniques to help you get the job you want

  • See the UCD Career Guide

  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to be kept up to date on vacancies, events and other opportunities.


Do you have a great idea, or have you spotted a gap in the market but need some advice on how to get it off the ground? Did you know that there are lots of supports available to help budding entrepreneurs? So take that first step and start looking at how you can set up your own business.

Tips from UCD Career Development Centre

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Enterprise Board (DLRCEB) is your ‘local’ enterprise board if you are a UCD student. The Board works with aspiring entrepreneurs and provides free supports which can help you to acquire new skills, access specialist advice and receive training. See more information at

  • Check out your bank’s business start-up web pages, your local area partnerships and local Enterprise Centres, which are excellent for networking opportunities and supports.

  • Keep an eye on CareersConnect for relevant events and activities.

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UCD Careers Connect

Did you know that through UCD Careers Connect you can:

  • Access a host of online resources for free, which include:

    • Profiling for Success – Psychometric tests

    • Going Global

  • Book an appointment with a careers consultant

  • Book attendance on one of our many employer events or workshops on campus

  • Search and apply for job vacancies and internships

First things First

  1. Log onto UCD Careers Connect (bookmark this page!).

  2. Student login is for current undergraduate and postgraduate students.  You will be brought to UCD Single Sign On screen where you can login using your UCD Connect details (student number and password).

  3. Alumni login and registration is separate.  Please note, if you have not already registered for alumni account, you will need to do so before using UCD Careers Connect.  This process should only take 5 minutes to complete and approvals are carried out within two hours during business hours.



Home Dashboard

Your home Dashboard has a list of online resources you can access on the left hand side.  It is also where you will see the menu bar on top of the webpage.


My Profile 

This is where you can access and edit your personal details, email preferences, vacancies of interest as well as automating gradireland registration.

To keep up-to-date with weekly events, adjust your ‘Email Preferences’ as outlined below.



Book an Appointment

1. From the Appointments tab, select ‘Search & Book’.



 2. Select the type of appointment you would like and click ‘show results’.



3. Click ‘Book now’ on your preferred appointment time.



4. You will be asked to specify your query.
5. Click on ‘Book this appointment’ to finish.




This is where you can search and apply for jobs and academic internships specific to your discipline.  You can filter by:

  • Business area

  • Location

  • Salary

  • Expiry date

  • Country

Please note that the ‘Academic Internship’ option may not be visible to everyone, depending on whether your college is running an academic internship or not.


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UCD Economics to EY Assurance

Katie Smith UCD Graduate

From UCD Economics to EY Assurance

I joined EY in 2015 through the Summer Internship Programme. As a UCD economics student I had no preference in which service line to join but I am glad I found myself in Assurance. I later returned on EY’s Assurance Graduate Programme and I have not looked back. Since joining EY the firm has explicitly recognised the importance of my lifelong learning and development. It is comforting to know that EY takes personal and professional development, in particular, educational development, as serious as us graduates do!

A career in Assurance allows you to gain exposure to the building blocks of an extremely fast paced and competitive market. Working with some of the world’s highest performing teams, every day will present you with numerous opportunities to learn and develop not only in terms of your career but also yourself. You will soon come to the realisation that your EY experience will serve as an invaluable platform to your career and however long you decide to stay, it will always stand by you.

My top tips for joining EY Assurance would be to enter with an open mind and be ready to learn – a lot and fast.  The ideal candidate is someone who enjoys a fast paced and challenging environment – someone with energy, enthusiasm and courage to lead. Someone that also demonstrates respect and integrity and works well in a team. At EY it is important that you are flexible and adapt quickly to new challenges and work environments.

Studying at UCD gave me the opportunity to apply for EY. But working for EY has given me the opportunity to lay a solid foundation for my career journey ahead.

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If you’re not sure what you want to do yet – get started by identifying your skills and strengths, values, interests and personality – these will help you to figure out what career options might suit you best.
Tips from UCD Career Development Centre
  • Take the ‘Profiling for Success’ psychometric tests available through links from and There are personality, learning styles and career interests tests, as well as abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning tests.
    NOTE you need to login to your Careers Connect account to obtain the codes necessary for accessing these tests:
    Careers Connect → Home tab → Welcome Section → Online Resources for UCD students
  • Keep an eye on for:
    • Relevant Careers workshops/seminars/activities and employer presentations – and attend them!
    • Jobs and Vacancies.
  • Take our Career Zone self-study online module available via UCD Career Development Centre website for UCD students.
  • Get talking – network and seek advice from anyone who can help; for example your lecturers/tutors, friends and relatives, employers, career & skills consultants, graduates from your course/College – this will help you find out about different jobs and industries.
  • Make an appointment on with a Career & Skills Consultant at the UCD Career Development Centre to discuss/review your application.

Not sure what you want to do yet?


  • Take the ‘Profiling for Success’ psychometric tests available through our Online Resources page.
  • There are personality, learning styles and career interests tests, as well as abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning tests.
  • NOTE you need to login to your Careers Connect account to obtain the codes necessary for accessing these tests.
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Graduate Study in the US and Europe


A postgraduate qualification could improve your career prospects. It’s also a big commitment, so it’s important to ensure you’re choosing the right course, for the right reasons. If you’re considering Graduate Study in the US or Europe: course, funding and scholarship application deadlines can have early closing dates ……….

Tips from UCD Career Development Centre


  • For graduate qualifications in Europe, check the Qualifications Framework of the country you’re considering applying to study in – to ensure you’re applying for the right level of qualification.
  • Check application deadlines for graduate study programmes you’re interested in and be aware of early closing dates; many overseas programmes have very early deadlines.
  • Keep an eye on for relevant Careers workshops and seminars and employer presentations.
  • Make an appointment with a Career & Skills Consultant at the UCD Career Development Centre to find out more about overseas graduate study opportunities.



Find out about different types of interviews and how to prepare successfully for them…

Tips from UCD Career Development Centre


  • Keep an eye on for relevant Careers workshops and seminars and employer presentations.

Finding a Job or Internship



Whether you’re looking for a graduate job or a non-credit bearing summer internship, your first port of call should be Careers Connect, our online vacancies portal.

Login to Careers Connect regularly for:
– Job & Internship Vacancies – hundreds of vacancies updated daily
– Relevant Careers workshops and seminars and employer presentations

More advice to help you with finding a job or internship:
– UCD Career Guide
– Our Job & Internship section

 Hidden Jobs Market – Some jobs are not advertised!
 How to find them:
– Network!
– Find work through Social Media
– Do an Internship
– Build a positive online presence

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CRSI Academic Challenge

The CSRI Academy Challenge is set over 2 stages and open to all university students and recent grads interested in shaping the global agenda.

Earn an all-expenses paid trip to the CSRI Fall Meeting in London hosted by Credit Suisse’s Chairman. The round table will include Prof. Nouriel Roubini, Prof. Joseph Stieglitz and Sir John Major!

Travel to Davos, Switzerland and attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in January 2017. Join the panel and share your insights! See all the available prizes here.


Be part of the CSRI Academy network! All stage 2 participants will be granted access to the private network. Get invited to private events, receive mentor-ship from the executive committee, publish unique content and more!

Enter the challenge


Nurse Open Days – Dublin




Mont Clare Hotel in Merrion Square, Dublin


Meet the Aintree team in Dublin to discuss our superb nursing opportunities and excellent benefits package at our NHS Foundation Trust based in Liverpool UK.


Informal Interviews will be available on both days.


  • Wednesday 1st June – 11:00 till 5pm
  • Thursday 2nd June – 09:30 till 5pm


If you would like to come along you can email us at  or call us on 0151 529 3030.


If you have any nurse friends who are interested too (student or experienced), please feel free to invite them along!



Event run by the Aintree Resourcing Team.

Summer Job Planning 2016





A lot of students need to work during their studies to earn money, and this will also enhance your CV and benefit your future career prospects. Employers are looking for skills and experience gained in a range of different situations, and work experience combined with your academic qualifications can help you stand out!

Finding a job that is related to your field of study and/or the career you would like to go into is a great way to get a foot in the door. Some industries can be difficult to get into, so a job on reception or helping with general tasks can help you network your way in. However, even if your part-time work is seemingly unrelated to your chosen career you can still develop transferable skills and have examples to use in competency-based applications and interviews.

gradireland has some useful information on gaining experience whilst in college, and TargetJobs offers ten skills you can gain from a part-time retail job, which can also apply for work in other sectors.

Finding work

You can find part-time and temporary jobs advertised through most of the usual job websites and channels. However, increasingly employers are using social media as an inexpensive, easy and fast way to fill vacancies. Some tips for finding work are:



Need more advice?

We are open for appointments throughout the summer so feel free to drop in, book online on Careers Connect or ring us on 01 716 7574

Read more about our appointments here.




The Questions you need to ask at interview by Engage Education

Engage Education Pic 1

When you attend a teaching interview remember it is a chance for you to find out whether the school and role are a good fit for you and not just the interviewer’s chance to ask you questions and find out whether you are a good match for them.

We assist new graduates and experienced teachers prepare and interview with English schools everyday. Interviews can happen face to face at our exclusive free IDAY event, over the phone or via skype but they are always an opportunity for both parties to question the other before making or accepting an offer of employment.

We have some suggestions especially for new teachers about what to ask at interview, to determine whether the position you are interviewing for is going to be the right job. This applies for jobs in your home country or any of the 1300+ schools we work with in England.

The Principal’s or Head teacher’s have asked you the questions, now…

Engage Education Pic 2

  • What support do you offer new starters at your school? What you want to know if whether there is a mentor program, assisting to transition into the school and their way of working and ongoing help when needed. A school that can let you know exactly how it supports new staff and can give examples of how it will assist you is a promising start!
  • How would you describe the ethos of the school? This is where you can get a feel for the leadership style at the school and what the important goals for the students and staff. If this answer aligns to your beliefs and approach you may have a good match. You may be able to start this question with a comment about what you have gathered from their website, so you can also show you have done some research.
  • What behaviour management approach is used at the school? You may also want to ask what is expected of the students in terms of their behaviour. The school may have little behavioural issues, or a very structured approach like the use of Positive Behaviour for Learning or a Strike policy. The answers will give you an idea of what to expect and the approach of management in support and managing behavioural issues.
  • What will be expected of me other than my classroom teaching role? How will I be assessed? This shows that you are looking at your role in the wider school community and also you will find out what ways your performance will be assessed during your contract.
  • What are you most proud of about your school? It is nice to hear a passionate leader talking about the school’s achievements and where they have excelled. The answers will give insight into many things- what is important to management and the things the students and staff have achieved.

So there are 5 questions that can help you decide whether the school and role are right for you. Other questions you may want to ask are: “What will be my biggest challenge at your school? ” or ” What opportunities will there be for me to progress in your school if I am successful?”

We all have different concerns and priorities when we are trying to select the right job. Your Engage Education Ireland consultant will be able to help you navigate the many school vacancies and opportunities you need to consider. Our iday events are a great way to put these questions to good use in face to face interviews! Contact Rachel in the Dublin office at or call 0864109883 for a chat about your options!

UCD Career Development Centre Events: April 4th – April 8th 2016








Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

  • ‘Matrix Recruitment Information Stand’ Full details (Target Audience: Engineering, Quality & Laboratory, Manufacturing, Supply Chain students)

Matrix Recuitment

  • ‘Beyond STEM: Alternative Graduate Careers’ Full details & direct booking  (Target Audience: Science, Technology, Engineering, & Maths students)



Thursday, April 7th, 2016


Positive Equity

UCD Career Development Centre Events: March 29th – April 1st 2016






Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

  • ‘A Toolkit for Beginning Your Career in STEM or Beyond’ Full details & direct booking (Target Audience: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematical Science students)

Nicola STEM

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

EF Education

  • ‘Securing a Graduate Job in STEM -What I need to do now to prepare for my future!’ Full details & direct booking (Target Audience: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematical Science students)




gradireland #FYI Careers Showcase 2016 for FINAL YEARS






We know that choosing the right career path isn’t easy, especially if you haven’t got anything lined up after you graduate, or if you one of the 62% of students which gradireland’s latest survey found to be “worried about your future career”.

As you come towards your Finals, take a couple of hours out and attend an event that will leave you with a much better idea of what you might want to do – and how you can get on that career path.

gradireland #FYI is a unique and innovative initiative, supported by the careers service here in University College Dublin. It will give you an insight into what careers are out there for you across a huge range of sectors – and show you the skills you will need to be successful in whatever path you decide to follow. The event is fun and hands-on. No lectures, you can chat to recent graduates, explore career videos, network with employers, get advice from professionals and you will leave with a much better idea of the career paths that are out there for YOU, regardless of what you are studying.

Taking place on Tuesday 12 April from 12-4pm, we would urge you to invest a couple of hours of your time if you are still unsure on which direction you will take after Finals.

To register for this free event go to or pop into the UCD Career Development Centre for further advice!


#FYI_Facebook4      #FYI Careers Showcase Tablet Competition #FYI_MPU


gradireland #FYI Careers Showcase 2016 for SECOND YEAR students






This stage of Second Year is the ideal time to start thinking about the various career paths out there for you. Regardless of your subject of study, today’s employers are looking for key ‘employability skills’ when they are recruiting for the best jobs, and if you possess these, your options are even wider and brighter than you think.

gradireland #FYI is a unique and innovative initiative supported by the careers service here in University College Dublin. gradireland #FYI isn’t about deciding today what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. One afternoon in the RDS will give you an insight into what careers are out there for you across a huge range of sectors – and show you the skills you will need to be successful in whatever path you decide to follow. gradireland #FYI will help you hone in on what you might like to do when you graduate. Not only that, you will learn how to develop the key skills during the rest of your time in College that will give you the edge in the rush for the best jobs come Final Year.

gradireland #FYI is designed to give Second Year students who attend the event the ‘inside track’ and a competitive edge when it comes to the graduate job market in Final Year and beyond.

Sounds good? To register for this free event go to or pop into the UCD Career Development Centre for some further advice!


 #FYI Careers Showcase Tablet Competition   #FYI_Facebook4 #FYI_MPU