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Sitting in the library and dreaming of more exciting times? Staring into the distance at the bright lights of the RTÉ links mast and wishing it was really the Eiffel Tower? Wishing the UCD lake was actually the sunny lakes of Italy or Lake Tahoe?


Would the prospect of an international career in some of these lovely locations make it all worthwhile? Check out The International Careers Fair 2017 this Thursday, December 7th, at The Printworks, Dublin Castle.The event hosts HR representatives from the European Union, the United Nations system, International Financial Institutions, Irish Government Departments, and other non-profit organizations. Also check out our online resources, Going Global and CEI internships, to help your international job search.


Would an alternative, less formal, study space outside of the James Joyce library help your study? Sometimes you just need a slight change of scenery to help keep the study week boredom at bay. Check out the Global Lounge, the Starbucks seating areas in Quinn and Conway, the Student Centre, the Richview or Vet libraries or the Daedalus building.


How about some free coffee? We thought some free tea/coffee might help you along this study week. To win one of 5 pairs of Insomnia coffee vouchers for the UCDSU shop – we’re asking you to take sides by commenting either ‘Tea’ or ‘Coffee’ on our Facebook status for this blog and tag a UCD friend you’d share our prize with!


One last word of advice… at the end of the day, it’s the hard work that counts! Sometimes it can be easier said than done to block out distractions and settle down to study. Well thankfully, a few clever people designed some apps to take those distractions out of your hands. Applications such as ‘Cold Turkey’ block famously distracting websites such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and you can add your own websites too. Worth a look!


All that’s left to say, is to wish you all the very best of luck with your upcoming exams. Give it your best, and enjoy the Christmas break that follows!


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How can I improve my skills and impress employers?

Yes, you are here to get your degree but there is so much more to university life than just your degree. More and more employers are looking for well-rounded students who have engaged with the wonderful extra-curricular opportunities that college life has to offer. UCD offers so many opportunities to get involved and to develop yourself!

The UCD Career Development Centre understands the growing demand for skilled graduates and we have a number of projects to help you upskill and gain valuable life experience.


First years! Have you heard about the UCD Embark Award?

UCD Embark is a brand new award introduced this year to reward students for their development in co-curricular activities. What are these co-curricular activities I hear you say – well, the good news is, it can really be anything from involvement in Clubs and Societies, to being a class rep or writing articles for the UCD newspaper, to volunteering. UCD Embark encourages you to get involved in these activities which help develop the skills you will need when it comes to updating your all-important CV. Not to mention setting you apart when you are applying or interviewing for jobs. UCD Embark is not the only new award that has been introduced – be sure to check out the second award, UCD Advantage, to see which one best suits you..

If you would like to know more about UCD Embark, including some inspiration on the kinds of activities you can get involved in, check out our website:


Got an idea that could help improve UCD life?


UCD SPARC is a project that helps bring your bright ideas to life. Successful applications will receive €1000 spending money along with support from us in the Career Development Centre. Your idea can be anything that helps to make a positive change on campus. Check out the ideas that have already become a reality by looking at last year’s projects –


You must have a team of at least 3 people and the team must have both student and staff representation! Got a great idea but not sure where to find your teammates? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help you find the right team. To get in touch to discuss your own project or with any queries, email


Well there you have it… what are you waiting for? Get involved today and your future self will thank you for the great memories and their jam-packed, impressive CV!






You can now find a massive amount of career information online – some great, and some not so great! We’re here at the UCD Career Development Centre to point you towards the best and most reliable resources to help you plan your career; research employers and industry information; and find a job or internship.

You can find a link to all these resources at


Tips from UCD Career Development Centre


  • Log in regularly to for:

    • Relevant Careers workshops and seminars and employer presentations and fairs

    • Jobs and Vacancies

Use the ‘My Profile’ tab in UCD Careers Connect  to update your profile and set up email alerts for relevant event updates and job alerts!

  • See for access to a wide range of online resources free of charge to UCD students and alumni. These include:

    • Profiling for Success offers psychometric tests to help you understand more about your strengths and how these might shape your career and personal choices. There are personality, learning styles and career interests tests. You can also use the abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning tests to help you prepare for assessments which are part of the recruitment process for many graduate positions.

    • Vault is a comprehensive online career resource designed to help you look into potential careers, research top employers and find out about industry trends.

    • Going Global provides country-specific career and employment information, including worldwide internship and job postings and career resources.

    • Take our Career Zone self-study online module. Module sections include Career planning, Creative job search, Winning job applications and Interview strategy.

    • Glassdoor gives you access to reviews on over 600,000 companies worldwide. Think of it as ‘TripAdvisor for jobs’. Vacancies and internships are also advertised on this site.

  • Attend a ‘Digital tools for effective job search: getting the most from Online Resources’ workshop on April 4th. These are scheduled for 1-3pm and 7-9pm in UCD O’Brien Centre for Science.
    Register at

  • To make sure you find out first about graduate programmes and jobs, employers on campus, events, competitions and other opportunities: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and log in regularly to


When applying for jobs, we often may not give enough thought to the workplace culture and how we can project an image that connects us not only to the job, but also to the organisational culture, image and brand.


1) Tips for Projecting a Professional Image at Interviews and Assessment Centres


The Interview or Assessment Centre is an opportunity for an employer to assess you as a potential employee and try to decide if you’re a good match for the organisation. In addition to determining if you have the right skills for the position; interviewers are usually trying to answer these questions:

  • Will you fit into the culture of your new workplace?

  • Will you behave in a professional manner?

  • Can you communicate effectively with other people?

  • What kind of employee are they getting if they hire you?


Presenting a professional image is an important part of the interviewer’s assessment of a candidate. The first impression you make is important and the interviewer will form an initial opinion based on your appearance and behaviour before you even speak, so:

  • Create a positive professional image by dressing and behaving appropriately for the interview/ assessment centre:

    • Different industries and organisations may have their own “standard dress code”. Research these standards before the interview!

    • Organisations vary widely in terms of the formality of the company culture. While financial firms, insurance companies, banks and legal firms tend to be conservative; some technology, engineering, start-up and creative companies may be less formal when it comes to interview attire and depending on the role for which you are interviewing.

    • Read through interview confirmation emails carefully – they may contain important details about the interview or even suggested attire.

    • Review websites and annual reports which often contain pictures.

    • If you know someone at the company ask about the dress code.

    • Speak to alumni and other networking contacts for industry tips

  • Practice a good firm handshake!

  • Be an interested listener – Listen actively and maintain good eye contact.

  • Use positive language – both in the words you use and in the body language you convey


2) Tips for Building a Positive Professional Online Presence – Leverage Social Media

  • Google yourself!
    94% of recruiters use, or plan to use social media for recruiting. Most employers will, at the very least, search for your name in Google. Before applying for jobs: check everywhere they’ll find you on Social media – your ‘Digital Footprint’– you might be surprised what shows up!

    • Clean up your social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc

    • Use consistent messaging across all profiles

    • Review your use of photos – what do your photos say about you?

  • Build a Positive Online Presence with  LinkedIn

  • See ‘Graduates – The importance of an online presence’ video:


Get involved and develop your career potential

Get Involved & Develop your Career Potential
Get Involved & Develop your Career Potential
Get Involved & Develop your Career Potential

While a good degree is essential, employers are looking for much more! Get involved in all that UCD has to offer and build on your team work, leadership and networking skills.  By getting involved, you’ll enjoy your time at UCD even more, become more self-confident and demonstrate to employers that you’re the type of person who makes a difference – just what they’re looking for!

Tips from UCD Career Development Centre

• See the following for some ideas on how to ‘get involved and develop your career potential:

• Join a club or society at UCD – meet people and develop new skills while doing something you enjoy!

• Volunteer! This is a great way to gain work experience and develop your skills at the same time as making a meaningful contribution to an area that’s important to you.

• Attend the UCD Volunteering Fair on 28th Feb

• Get some work experience through a part-time or summer job

• Do an Internship

• Keep an eye on for:

  • Relevant Careers workshops and seminars, recruitment fair and employer presentations
  • Jobs and Vacancies

• Like us on Facebook and follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.



Get international experience by studying and/or working abroad, and broaden the range of international opportunities available to you when you graduate.

Getting international experience through working or studying abroad can help you gain a new perspective, demonstrate independence and adaptability, develop your language skills and increase your self-confidence.

Tips from UCD Career Development Centre


  • Access Going Global for country-specific career and employment information and worldwide internship and job postings.
  • Keep an eye on for relevant Careers workshops and seminars and employer presentations.
  • Make an appointment with a Career & Skills Consultant at the UCD Career Development Centre to find out more about overseas graduate study opportunities.

Assessment Centres


Employers use a variety of methods to select the best graduates at assessment centres – knowing what to expect and being well prepared will increase your chances of success.

Tips from UCD Career Development Centre


1. See the following for some great advice to help you prepare for assessment centres:

2. Use the ‘Profiling for Success’ abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning tests to help you prepare for assessment centres. These are available to you through links from our Online Resources

3. Keep an eye on for relevant Careers workshops, seminars and employer presentations.

4. Like us on Facebook and follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.

Applying for Jobs


Applying for Jobs

Find out how to develop effective applications and how to prepare successfully for interviews and assessment centres…

Check application deadlines for graduate programmes and be aware of early closing dates.
See the following for more details and to access some great resources to help you with applications:
Be smart with your application
Find a Job or Internship

Keep an eye on Careers Connect for:

Relevant Careers workshops and seminars and employer presentations
Jobs and Vacancies
– Take the ‘Profiling for Success’ psychometric tests available to you. Use the abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning tests to help you prepare for assessments which are part of the recruitment process for many graduate positions.

Clean up your social media profiles
– Use consistent messaging across all profiles
Create professional profiles e.g. LinkedIn


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