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Pesky Gnats! – Game for children in therapy

Pesky Gnats is a computer game and app for children to play in therapy. gNATs are little flies whose sting leads to certain negative ways of thinking . These Negative Automatic Thoughts (NATs) develop without the person noticing. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) was developed for adults and is not very child friendly. To make CBTContinue Reading

ALT-C 2010 – “Into Something Rich & Strange” – making sense of the sea-change

I attended and presented at ALT-C (the Association for Learning Technology Conference) in Nottingham last week. There were over 500 participants mainly from the UK. The opening keynote was given by Donald Clark, former CEO of Epic, one of the UK’s leading e-learning companies. Donald gave a provocative talk ‘Don’t Lecture Me’, on the ineffectiveness yetContinue Reading

Technology Cycle … What’s Next?

Looking back over the last quarter century of developments in the delivery of learning technology, there have been three major shifts: The DOS based PC first appeared in the early 1980s, by the early 1990s it had been replaced by the Windows Multimedia PC with CD-ROM. By the late 1990s, e-learning had arrived and mostContinue Reading

How Digital Natives Take Notes

My habit of a lifetime is to write field notes in a notebook with a ballpoint pen… obviously a digital migrant. On a recent field trip I noticed some of our group used a mobile phone (not a Blackberry or PDA) to take notes. Seems sensible, though a bit awkward  … but it had neverContinue Reading

Real-time Public Transport Maps

Helsinki is setting the trend in real time public transport information. Travellers can see where their tram or bus is right now by clicking on a Google map of the city. Buses update their position by GPS every second. Of course, the map can be viewed on a mobile phone so you can make travelContinue Reading

Podcasting Technology

At a recent Tech Series Workshop in Dublin, Apple demonstrated Podcast Producer a system for capturing lectures and converting them to podcasts. Classes can be recorded using the built-in camera and microphone found in most Macs though a USB microphone is recommended. Video can be imported from digital video cameras through firewire or from screenContinue Reading

Further Adventures with the Nokia 6300

The SIM card was swapped easily and free of charge without any loss of data. I have tried the camera – taken a photo, uploaded it to my PC and replaced it with another image from my PC. Quality of the photo is adequate but not brilliant (but what more can one expect from aContinue Reading

New Mobile Phone

I have just traded in my old Nokia mobile phone for the new 6300 model. The old phone was’ just’ used as a phone, for texting and occasionally as an alarm clock. How old-fashioned can one be? The new phone includes a camera, MP3 player, radio, calendar, voice recorder, web browser, bluetooth connectivity, applications andContinue Reading