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Elliott Masie virtually @ EdTech 2010

Elliott Masie by Skype Video
Elliott Masie led an engaging question and answer session remotely from his New York home at 6 a.m. local time, following his prerecorded keynote presentation. The quality of the Skype video was excellent. He told anecdotes, reminding us of the power of a good story in gaining an audience’s attention (as in Gagné’s first event in his nine events of instruction.) Like James Clay he warned of the danger of educational technologists overhyping the latest ‘shiny thing’ in technology, estimating that it would take 10-12 years to realise the potential of virtual worlds.

In questions from the audience, Elliott drew an interesting distinction between gaming (and sports) and formal education. Nobody should expect to win a game all the time but education seeks to avoid failure. The challenge of the game includes the possibility of losing. He also advised learning technologists to respect those academics who are reluctant to use technology.

Photographs from the ILTA Photo Gallery

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  1. […] I have long been interested in what educators can learn from games. I don’t necessarily mean teaching with games but how we can apply the motivating aspects of gaming to teaching and learning. Young men in particular are often disengaged from formal education but will immerse themselves for hours in a computer game. What compels them to do so? Is it the challenge? This challenge includes the possibility of failure which education seeks to avoid, as Elliott Masie mentioned at EdTech 2010. […]

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