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What research has to say for practice

ALT – the Association for Learning Technology – has published a wiki of nine guides on the application of research to practice in elearning. The authors are all well-known experts in their field. As it is a wiki, ALT encourages readers with appropriate expertise to update the guides. a) Tutoring on-line – Gilly Salmon andContinue Reading

Recording Lectures & Student Attendance

“Does recording lectures and publishing them on the web reduce student attendance at lectures?” Recently, there has been a lively discussion of this perennial topic on the ALT listserv.  Studies from the University of Leeds, the Royal Veterinary College and Carnegie Mellon University have found that the provision of podcasts or lecture recordings seemed toContinue Reading

e-Learning – Making it Work

The Association of Learning Technology (ALT) has brought out a series of papers based on its Making e-Learning work conference. There are case studies from a number of institutions who have brought e-learning from the preserve of enthusiasts to instititute-wide implementation.  There is a  particular focus on student, public and government expectations in the strategicContinue Reading