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Blogosphere in Practice – Linking Blogs in Class

My blogging class saw a live example of  the blogosphere in higher education.  I present short workshops on Blogging in Higher Education which show both how blogs can be used as learning tools (for example, for course work … such as learning journals) and how to write, edit and administer a WordPress blog. We startContinue Reading

Great Post from James Clay “I think differently”

In his e-Learning Stuff blog, James Clay, explains how he no longer  believes that the “message” of e-learning can be “sold” in education. Now “he thinks differently”, believing that new technologies should be seen as ways of improving practice, as solutions to problems, rather than as challenges to be overcome.  Learning technologists should focus onContinue Reading

Fostering Collabortaion – eLearning Summer School

Fostering Collaboration is the focus of this year’s Dublin Region Higher Education Alliance (DRHEA) elearning summer school. The DRHEA consists of the four universities and four institutes of technology in the Dublin region, which have a total of almost 11,000 staff and about 75,000 students. An elearning newtork of excellence is being established, starting withContinue Reading

Using blogs to enhance Reflective Practice – Wimba Online Seminar

Earlier this year I attended a workshop on Wimba’s Collaboration Suite, a synchronous online classroom system. Wimba Classroom includes audio, video, application sharing and content display. Students can communicate with each other and the lecturer using voice and chat (IM). I have some doubts about the value of such virtual classrooms in a campus-based universityContinue Reading

UCD Presentations at EdTech

UCD presentations in the Practitioner strand at EdTech 2008 included: Blogging as a Facilitator in the Learning Process: Student Reflections on Their Information Seeking During Assessment by Crystal Fulton of the UCD School of Library and Information Studies. About 100 second-year students used blogs to record and reflect on their information searching strategies. This helpedContinue Reading

98 student blogs

Nearly 100 second stage students studying in the UCD School of Library and Information Studies (SILS) created their own ‘Blogger’ blog to record their observations on their information seeking experiences. None of the students had created a blog before. The blogs were used in module, called “Finding Information in Everyday Contexts” (IS20010), in which studentsContinue Reading