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Tag Archives: digital fluency

Bloom’s Taxonomy & Digital Literacy

Andrew Churches has built on Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy to create  Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy to incorporate new ways of learning facilitated by web-based tools. He has added examples at all levels of the cognitive domain ranging from bookmarking in ‘Remembering’ to podcasting in ‘Creating’. He emphasises that the digital taxonomy is about using web tools andContinue Reading

Competencies of Online Teaching Success (COTS)

About two years ago Larry Ragan gave an interesting presentation in Dublin on the work of his team at Penn State University on their Competencies for Online Teaching Success (COTS) research project. Since 2010 Dublin presentation, Dr. Ragan and his colleagues have been involved in an additional research project titled, The Quality of Online InstructionContinue Reading

Musing about Digital Fluency

To live and work effectively, we need to be more than digitally literate, we need to become digitally fluent.  According to Briggs and Makice, digital literacy means you know what tools to use and how to use them, while fluency means you also know when and why to use them. To take a simple example,Continue Reading