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Ed-Media 2011 – Blogging & Micro-blogging

#edmedia11 was the most tagged tweet in Portugal during the Ed-Media conference, according to the organisers, the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).   STAT – the Semantic Analysis Twitter Tool – gives a detailed analysis of the 3,745 tweets in its archive. Crismattos was the most prolific tweeter with 496 tweets, comparedContinue Reading

Myth of the Digital Native

Young people, in their teens or twenties, are all writing blogs, publishing videos on YouTube and recording podcasts. Are they really? While consumption of web-content is enormous, a relatively small number of people are creating that content … and these people come in all ages.  A show of hands in my digital media class  revealsContinue Reading

How Digital Natives Take Notes

My habit of a lifetime is to write field notes in a notebook with a ballpoint pen… obviously a digital migrant. On a recent field trip I noticed some of our group used a mobile phone (not a Blackberry or PDA) to take notes. Seems sensible, though a bit awkward  … but it had neverContinue Reading