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I have been experimenting with Google+, Google’s new social networking tool.  Google+ has elements of blogging , Facebook and Twitter. In my mind, its circles allow you to organise your communications better than Twitter and Facebook.  For example, you can organise your contacts into separate circles to discuss say ‘educational technology’ ,’photography’ or ‘politics’ .Continue Reading

Ed-Media 2011 – Blogging & Micro-blogging

#edmedia11 was the most tagged tweet in Portugal during the Ed-Media conference, according to the organisers, the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).   STAT – the Semantic Analysis Twitter Tool – gives a detailed analysis of the 3,745 tweets in its archive. Crismattos was the most prolific tweeter with 496 tweets, comparedContinue Reading

George Siemens, Openness @ Ed-Media 2011

George Siemens, Erik Duval and others introduced openness as a conference theme to about 700 participants at Ed-Media 2011 in Lisbon. George Siemens is well-known for his work on connectivism uses social media such as his blog to act as an influencer both with academics and the wider public.  His latest ventures include Massive OnlineContinue Reading