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Bringing Interaction to Art

Adobe Flash Catalyst allows graphic artists to be web developers by making their designs interactive. Designers with no programming skills can add buttons, scroll bars and transitions to a Photoshop or Illustrator image to make into it an active interface. Media and text can be dynamically read from a database to populate the interface withContinue Reading

Re-imagining the Old Masters – Integrating user-generated content with Flash

Jonathan Grove from Futurate says : “We had a little time on our hands last year and developed www.oldmasterflash.com as an experiment in integrating web-based Adobe Flash with user generated content.” I’d say they had a lot of time on their hands but if you like fruit and veg and think you could improve onContinue Reading

Learning Objects

At the ALT learning object showcase the seven best LOs (as selected by the judging panel) were demonstrated. The quality of the objects was excellent. It was interesting to see that the LOs were rather large (low granularity!) and all came with learning objectives, learning activities and feedback. Most were developed in Flash (one inContinue Reading