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Open Source & Web Maps

OpenStreetMap is a free, editable, open-source map of the world. It is being created by enthusiasts who upload their GPS tracks to the system. Contributors are pedestrians, cyclists, sailors and even a few motorists.  UCD and Dublin are quite well mapped though some minor roads are missing. The Ordnance Survey of Ireland (OSI) are producingContinue Reading

Real-time Public Transport Maps

Helsinki is setting the trend in real time public transport information. Travellers can see where their tram or bus is right now by clicking on a Google map of the city. Buses update their position by GPS every second. Of course, the map can be viewed on a mobile phone so you can make travelContinue Reading

Google Mapping UCD Belfield Campus

Two young UCD Geography students, Paul Alexander and Robert Mathews, had a vision of a user-friendly interactive map that would help first year students, international students and occasional visitors, easily find their way around the biggest university campus in Ireland. Their vision led to the collaborative development of the UCD Interactive Map by the OrientationContinue Reading