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Oppia for open questions and learning scenarios

Oppia is a new cloud-based authoring tool under development by a team of collaborators including Google employees. Currently in beta and due for release in February 2015, Oppia is free and open source, easy-to-use and flexible. It is built around learning activities which it calls ‘explorations’. It is good at parsing answers to open questions and branching basedContinue Reading


I have been experimenting with Google+, Google’s new social networking tool.  Google+ has elements of blogging , Facebook and Twitter. In my mind, its circles allow you to organise your communications better than Twitter and Facebook.  For example, you can organise your contacts into separate circles to discuss say ‘educational technology’ ,’photography’ or ‘politics’ .Continue Reading

From Bloom to PBL

Interesting final ALT keynote from Peter Norvig of Google. Benjamin Bloom, the pioneer of learning objectives, found that classroom teaching is only two standard deviations in test performance away from the ideal of one to one dialogue with a tutor. According to Norvik, the nearest we can get to that ideal is to give theContinue Reading