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Tag Archives: open source

Evaluating – Xerte OnLine Toolkits

Xerte OnLine Toolkits (XOLT) is a server-based open source authoring environment developed by the Information Services Learning Team at the University of Nottingham. It can be downloaded from the Xerte home page. XOLT is distributed free of charge under the GNU public licence. (Note: XOLT should be distinguished from the original desktop Xerte authoring tool,Continue Reading

Open Source & Web Maps

OpenStreetMap is a free, editable, open-source map of the world. It is being created by enthusiasts who upload their GPS tracks to the system. Contributors are pedestrians, cyclists, sailors and even a few motorists.  UCD and Dublin are quite well mapped though some minor roads are missing. The Ordnance Survey of Ireland (OSI) are producingContinue Reading

Open Source Content Management Systems

I am looking for a tool that will enable a group (some with little technical experience) to create and maintain a website on a voluntary basis.  The desired features include: open source, standards compliant, easy-to-use, secure with threaded discussion forums, news, RSS, calendars and media handling. It must be suitable for showcasing papers, presentations andContinue Reading