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Values Exchange – Discussing Ethical Issues Online

Values Exchange is a web-based platform where participants can discuss, debate and vote on ethical issues. Tools range from quick polls to complex cases studies. “Banning Fast Food” is a current poll where participants give reasons for their vote. They can then compare their thinking with others in the group, which may help them toContinue Reading

Student Participation in Discussion Forums

Frequently lecturers complain about the difficulty of getting students to participate in discussion forums. We are now getting close to 100% participation in a forum on reflective writing for medical students. This is part of an undergraduate module in Psychiatry. There are about 50 students in the class, which runs four times a year. WhatContinue Reading

Collaborative lecture notes and other wiki uses from Richard Buckland

I have just watched a YouTube video of a highly engaging presentation by Richard Buckland, a lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Engineering in the University of New South Wales on his uses of wikis in teaching. It lasts for 55 minutes but was so absorbing that I watched it all… Richard describesContinue Reading

Using blogs to enhance Reflective Practice – Wimba Online Seminar

Earlier this year I attended a workshop on Wimba’s Collaboration Suite, a synchronous online classroom system. Wimba Classroom includes audio, video, application sharing and content display. Students can communicate with each other and the lecturer using voice and chat (IM). I have some doubts about the value of such virtual classrooms in a campus-based universityContinue Reading

EdTech 2008 Review

The EdTech 2008 conference presentations have been published on the ILTA web site. They are divided into three strands practitioner, research and postgraduate with the bulk of the presentations (29 out of 45) being practitioner papers. Being one of the organisers I did not have time to blog at the conference but I can recallContinue Reading

98 student blogs

Nearly 100 second stage students studying in the UCD School of Library and Information Studies (SILS) created their own ‘Blogger’ blog to record their observations on their information seeking experiences. None of the students had created a blog before. The blogs were used in module, called “Finding Information in Everyday Contexts” (IS20010), in which studentsContinue Reading