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Learning Resources from NDLR

There was an impressive display of learning materials on show at the National Digital Learning Repository (NDLR) Fest in the Science Gallery. Particularly impressive were the 3D tours of Trinity College (TCD), Dublin City Hall and the Honan Chapel developed by History of Art, TCD, Sports Education from Cork Institute of Technology and the TaxonomyContinue Reading

Open Courses, Resources & Free Education

Education may be free with online courses from Apple’s iTunes U and MIT’s Open Courseware (OCW) but  who are these courses for? Casual learners or students? Students are at least partially motivated by certification and a social life with their peers. An article in the Higher Education Chronicle illustrates this point with  a story aboutContinue Reading

Intute Web Resources for Education & Research

Intute provides a database of free, online resources in Health & Life Sciences, Science & Technology, Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities. These resources have been evaluated and selected by experts from a network of UK universities. For example, the Health & Life Sciences is led by the University of Nottingham. The Intute site includesContinue Reading