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Learning Resources from NDLR

There was an impressive display of learning materials on show at the National Digital Learning Repository (NDLR) Fest in the Science Gallery. Particularly impressive were the 3D tours of Trinity College (TCD), Dublin City Hall and the Honan Chapel developed by History of Art, TCD, Sports Education from Cork Institute of Technology and the TaxonomyContinue Reading

Infectious – Multimedia and Science

The Infectious exhibition at the TCD Science Gallery is an example of popular science communication at its best. It addresses a topical issue in an imaginative and engaging manner, it allows visitors to participate in research … and admission is free! Visitors are greeted by a person in a ‘decontamination’ suit who hands them anContinue Reading

Grid Computing Lecture

Grid computing aims to share computer processing power between large numbers of computers over a network. It is so called as it distributes computing power in the same way (metaphorically) as the electricity network distributes electrical power. Computers in a grid can be in different locations in different institutes. By combining the CPU of aContinue Reading

Communicating Science – Magic or Maths

Dublin’s Alchemist Café is part of the Café Scientifique network which meet regularly to hear scientists or writers on science talk about their work and discuss it with diverse audiences. For the price of a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, anyone can come to explore the latest ideas in science and technology.Continue Reading