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Social Media – from Recruitment to Alumni


I have been experimenting with Google+, Google’s new social networking tool.  Google+ has elements of blogging , Facebook and Twitter. In my mind, its circles allow you to organise your communications better than Twitter and Facebook.  For example, you can organise your contacts into separate circles to discuss say ‘educational technology’ ,’photography’ or ‘politics’ .Continue Reading

Ed-Media 2011 – Blogging & Micro-blogging

#edmedia11 was the most tagged tweet in Portugal during the Ed-Media conference, according to the organisers, the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).   STAT – the Semantic Analysis Twitter Tool – gives a detailed analysis of the 3,745 tweets in its archive. Crismattos was the most prolific tweeter with 496 tweets, comparedContinue Reading

Donald Clark – controversy and debate

Donald Clark is always good for a debate and frank discussion of matters educational. In a recent blog post he listed 7 Objections to the use of  Social Media in Learning … and also came up with answers to those same objections. As a regular note-taker both on paper and digitally (laptop or iPhone) IContinue Reading

Jane Hart on Social Media @ EdTech 2010

Jane Hart of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies used Twitter to engage with the audience in her keynote on social media. She organises Twitter chats #lrnchat at 4 pm on Thursdays. | Get your Presentation Pack

“Shiny Things” James Clay @ EdTech 2010

James Clay of Gloucestershire College gave the opening keynote on “Cultural Shifts” at EdTech 2010, the annual conference of the Irish Learning Technology Association. James invited participants to use Twitter and other mobile technologies during his presentation. Indeed, participants both virtual and physically present tweeted extensively about the conference. According to James, while society has changed,Continue Reading

When to tweet? Twitter at conferences and presentations

I used Twitter for the first time at the EdTech 2009 conference where some of the delegates were ‘tweeting’ each other during the presentations. At the time I could see benefits but also downsides of such tweeting. It has the advantage of allowing people who are not physically present to participate in the conference. Indeed,Continue Reading

EdTech 2009 – Does Location Matter?

EdTech 2009 kicked off with a keynote address by Niall Sclater, Director of Learning Innovation at The Open University. The distance learning provided by the OU has always helped the house-bound, prison inmates and others disadvantaged by time and space to participate in higher education. Niall’s talk “Does Location Matter?” showed how the free disseminationContinue Reading