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Collaborative Online Project between Years

Dr Niamh Flanagan of the UCD School of Applied Social Science wanted students on the first and second years of the Masters in Social Science (Social Work) to work together on the Student-2-Student Dialogue Project. The aim of this project was to investigate learning opportunities while on fieldwork placement. The first year students designed aContinue Reading

Models for using Wikis

I  teach a course on using Wikis in Higher Education and have found Dave Foord’s STOLEN principles to be very useful. He even provides a wiki where you can edit and improve the STOLEN principles.  To summarise: S – Specify Overall objective. The wiki must have a clear goal understood by all. If it isContinue Reading

Collaborative lecture notes and other wiki uses from Richard Buckland

I have just watched a YouTube video of a highly engaging presentation by Richard Buckland, a lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Engineering in the University of New South Wales on his uses of wikis in teaching. It lasts for 55 minutes but was so absorbing that I watched it all… Richard describesContinue Reading

What research has to say for practice

ALT – the Association for Learning Technology – has published a wiki of nine guides on the application of research to practice in elearning. The authors are all well-known experts in their field. As it is a wiki, ALT encourages readers with appropriate expertise to update the guides. a) Tutoring on-line – Gilly Salmon andContinue Reading

Fostering Collabortaion – eLearning Summer School

Fostering Collaboration is the focus of this year’s Dublin Region Higher Education Alliance (DRHEA) elearning summer school. The DRHEA consists of the four universities and four institutes of technology in the Dublin region, which have a total of almost 11,000 staff and about 75,000 students. An elearning newtork of excellence is being established, starting withContinue Reading